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Maynes Farm Management
David Parrish, Farm Manager
124 N. Main St. Ste B
Lenox, IA 50851

Phone 641-333-2205
Fax 641-333-2206

The Maynes Company farm management team can help you reach the goals you expect from your farm investment.

When landowners enlist our services, they can be assured that all of the numerous government programs and regulations, aggressive tenants, conservation contractors, purchasing co-ops, and the endless other tasks that need to be addressed to maximize profit in today’s agriculture, are dealt with in a professional manner.

All of these factors are in a constant state of change, and need to be closely monitored.

Our farm manager deal in these areas on a daily basis, therefore they are able to be proactive instead of reactive.

The services we offer can be tailored to fit each individual farm and it’s owner.


  1. The farm manager will make numerous farm visits during the course of the year.
  2. We find, and work with, a suitable tenant who can best utilize the ground, given the opportunity.
  3. Maynes Farm Management writes the farm lease, and monitors it to ensure all terms are being complied with.
  4. We handle all the communication between the Landlord and the Tenant.
  5. All Landlord duties at the government offices are handled by the farm manager.
  6. If the Owner requests any conservation work to be done, it is the farm manager’s responsibility to check into possible cost-share, government programs, and work with contractors.
  7.  Landlord will receive written, quarterly reports on conditions and progress of all activities.
  8. Maintain required chemical usage documents.
  9. Develop a soil testing program, and implement a plan for long term improvement or maintenance.
  10. Ensure the appearance of property is acceptable to owner.

    Services are not limited to those listed above and any special needs the farm or owner wants can be customized to fit each individual.



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